Mobilizing Premium Food Service

Meet the Chef Powerstation

The first of its kind 100% battery powered mobile action station allowing you to bring the kitchen anywhere

Designed to support all of the critical appliances you need including:

Induction Cooktops

Fridge/Freezer Drawer

Warming Drawer

Other Appliances

DTG's mPower Advanced battery system

All the Power that You Need

The base Chef Powerstation 3000Wh of capacity to safely power appliances using one 25 AMP circuit. If additional power is required, upgrade to

  • Two 25amp 110V circuits with MPower 6200Whr capacity

  • Three 25amp 110V circuits with MPower 9300Whr capacity

  • One 25A 110V circuit and one 50A 230V circuit with MPower 9300Whr capacity

Designed to work anywhere

Safe and Simple Power Assisted Navigation

The Chef PowerStation utilizes a motorized caster for safe and easy navigation of the station to just about anywhere. It features an automatic braking system further increasing safety.

choose your look and feel

Customizable to Meet Your Needs

Customize with magnetic signage on the front, back and side panels.Optional accessories include:
• Pop Up side shelving
• Digital display signage
• 9ft umbrella
• POS integration (display mount)

DTG is empowering mobility at some of the world’s most innovative companies

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